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Wireframe Blobs
The Lava Lamp
The latest release is 0.3, you can download it here.
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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Q: How can I create more lava blobs?
A: Press "1" to spawn a new blob, "h" will show you the keys that you can use. Press space to hide the menu, it will go away after a while by itself, though.

Q: The lava blob moves up to the top of the lamp and disappears?
A: The blobs are heated up at the bottom and it will take a while until they cool down again. Wait a few seconds (can take up to half a minute) and see the blob falling down again when its temperature lowered enough. You have to keep the lamp running a few minutes to create a stable system, just as in real life.

Q: Windows tells me that GLUT32.DLL is missing?
A: You will have to install the OpenGL utility toolkit (GLUT) for Windows, it is a standard library but unfortunately does not ship with Windows by default. You can get it here.