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Wireframe Blobs
The Lava Lamp
The latest release is 0.3, you can download it here.
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What is it?

The lava lamp program started out as a small experiment with the aim of simulating a simple lava blob. The first version was extremely primitive and was only able to show a few blobs that bounced from invisible surroundings. From there, it grew into a more sophisticated and visually appealing application.

Even though the physical model has been improved, it does not try to reflect the real world exactly. The application has been designed as a mixture between being physically exact and just "looking good", which is why you will often see unrealistic behavior. However, we are still working on improving everything.

If you want to find out more, see the history page.

Who is it?

The Lava Lamp has been created by Till Gerken and Olaf Roß.